How to create a memorable family holiday.

According to the experts from all over the world, travel is the best education kids can have.Family holiday should be the possibility of exploring the world, visiting new places, having fun, a small break of pleasure and relaxation and, most important, it's about creating a lifetime of memories and spending time with your loved ones. However, sometimes this does not happen.In this article I would like to share with readers my experiences as a Family Travel Consultant and mum for making sure that your family getaway is as picture perfect as you imagine it to be. The stress-free family holiday is not extinct.In the previous article: "Why travel is an important part of your child's development?" we have focused on theoretical aspects and the benefits of travel for children, while now, we will analyze in detail - step by step - what can we do practically to organize your travel with children.

Let's start right from the pre-departure planning and checklist.

1. Involve all members of the family in travel planning, even younger children. Once you've decided where you're going, it’s important to spend the time to figure out what you will actually do there. Make a list of the main attractions you don't want to miss that will appeal to both you and them and then, sit with your kids and discuss about it. During this initial planning, get a map, images and some books relevant to your destination and look at them together. Ask kids for their inputs, and discuss freely. This makes their small ones grow and feel important. It adds to their sense of pride to be of help to their parents. Welcome their little efforts and initiatives.

Keep in mind that it is important to focus on your kids’ efforts instead of their errors will make the kids feel appreciated and encourage them to want to do more as well as will train them to avoid a negative outlook in life too.

2. Set the Mood in Advance. If Rome is on the agenda, for example, cook an Italian meal and let them help with that; play Italian music from internet sources; watch travel movies and YouTube videos; doing art and craft activities.

I would like to spend a few lines more for art and craft activities and underline their great value. It is important not to neglect the activities like arts and crafts for two main reasons. Firstly, creative activities provides immediate and lasting cognitive benefits such as self-control, self-confidence and acquiring knowledge, in fact, play is one of the main ways in which children learn. Secondly has been revealed that creative interaction between parents and young children engaging in activities creates a unique bonding experience, which reinforce memories. Lastly, in order to facilitate your work, the following is a link where you can find some of creative art and craft ideas suitable for all ages: After The Sunset Tours Pinterest children activities.

3. It’s time to pack. Packing for all of family members can be a daunting task. We have found a easy ways that help you to get rid of the headache and transforming this tedious task into a fun educational adventures for children. Always give clear instructions the first time and give children some advices as for example: "make sure to bring comfortable shoes for walking all day" or "Plan out each day of the trip and what your might want to wear" or "Don't be an overpacker and unnecessary items you should leave at home". It is also a good idea to make a Travel Packing Checklist for each person.

Let the kids have their own bag of clothes, instead of sharing. Then, allow them to choose according their real taste and preference their clothes. You just watch what they do and how do they mix and match. If they choose inadequate or inappropriate clothing, give children an explanation for your reasons. Your guidance, their self-belief and nurtured-ideas craft them into a confident self.

Being a part of these things will not only teach them responsibility, develop and extend your children's interests, and increase their knowledge but will let them get excited for their upcoming trip!

During the journey:

1. Balance out a morning of sightseeing or other activities with a few hours to chill in the afternoon. Post-lunch is a great time to relax — you and your husband can read a book, whereas children can write in a journal about their favourite part of the morning. Then you can all head out again for other sightseeing or activities.

2. Learning On the Go!

Among the activities to do during our journey the